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One of our lead rescuers stopped by an auction this evening that normally does not have many horses, and they have almost 20 horses waiting to be sold to the highest bidders!  The photo on the left are some of the horses at the auction waiting right now to find out what their fate will be.  These horses have a very grim future if we do not rescue them, many will end up in the slaughter pipeline. As far as we know, we are the only rescue organization at this auction this evening. We had absolutely no opportunity to fundraise for this auction, and we desperately need your help to save their lives... 

   As you know, auctions are the gateway to the slaughter pipeline.  Horse slaughter is the most brutal, barbaric ending imaginable to horses lives, and no horse is safe from enduring that fate.  Young horses, old horses, sick horses, healthy horses, mares, stallions, they are all crammed together for the long trip to Mexico or Canada without food and water.  With your help we can save horses from enduring that most cruel of fates.  For more information our auction rescue program, click here.

   Each month, thanks to you, we raise $6,000 for the rescue, care and training of auction horses.  Help us reach our goal, please donate right now.  We only have a few days left and we need your help.  To donate, click he button below (which will take you to our secure donation site) or if you prefer to donate through Paypal, our Paypal donation address is: donate@horsehumane.org 

  We have already rescued 6 horses at auction this month, and we need your help to save even more! As you know, each month we raise $6,000 for the rescue, vet care, rehabilitation, training and care of slaughter pipeline horses at auctions.   This month we are hoping to rescue at new auctions, but we need your help.

.    Horses that are sold at auction often end up being shipped to slaughter within hours of being sold.  Killer buyers prowl the auction, nodding their brief consent to the auctioneer when the price is low enough, dooming that horse to a horrifying trip and a most brutal end to their magnificent life if we do not outbid the killer buyer.  We can only save them from slaughter with your help!

 Our goal this month, as always, is to raise $6,000 for the rescue, care, and training of the rescued auction horses.  Your donation of any amount will be used directly to purchase, transport, feed, provide vet care, training, sheltering and care for the horses rescued from slipping into the slaughter pipeline and being shipped to Mexico or Canada.

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