Urgent Need -  8 Rescued at Auction - Thank You!!

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Visit Easy Fundraising Ideas
Visit Easy Fundraising Ideas

"They taste like chicken folks.  Nice and cheap at $35 each" the auctioneer told a laughing crowd last night in Oklahoma.  With those words, our Oklahoma Shelter Manager, Shari, knew she was going to be rescuing donkeys.  Despite having $0 in our Auction Rescue Fund, Shari raised her hand and saved the life of 6 precious donkeys.  

Shari won the bid, saving the lives of the precious donkeys, and was also able to rescue 2 other horses. Now we need your help!  We need $3,000 to cover the rescue and care of these slaughter bound animals.  Please donate right now, even $10 will help us reach our goal!  To donate, click here.

Thank you!


Many thanks to everyone who donates and helps! 9115 @ 7:42

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