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   This holiday season, please don't forget the thousands of horses that will be entering the slaughter pipeline.  We need your help to save as many as we can from that most horrible fate!

   Every month we save horses from auctions.  We save healthy horses, sick horses, sound horses, lame horses, young horses and old horses.  We purchase every horse we can that is in the killer buyer price range, based on weight, saving it from making the horrible trip to Mexico or Canada for slaughter. Not every horse we rescue is able to be rehabilitated, but we are thankful we are able to give them the Last Act of Kindness, and keep them from enduring the brutality of the long trip, ending with violent butchering.  Each horse that we rescue is evaluated by our vet and staff, given the medical care that it needs, and is given the best possible opportunity to find a forever home with an adoptive family.  Our trainers works with the horses to correct negative behaviors and give training to those that are untrained. 

   We need your help to make this month's auction rescues successful! Please donate right now to the December Auction Rescue fund, your donation is literally the difference between life and death for horses at the entrance to the slaughter pipeline.

Many thanks to everyone who donates and helps! 9115 @ 7:42

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