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  Thanks to your support, we raised enough money to save and care for 5 precious horses at the California auction.  Now we need your help to pull horses from the slaughter pipeline in Oklahoma! We provide the rescued horses vet care, training, rehabilitation, sheltering and find them loving homes, where they will be safe from the horrors of the slaughter pipeline. Sometimes we find horses at auctions with chronic medical problems, causing excruciating pain. If funds are available, we can rescue them, give them vet care, and if necessary, we give them the Last Act of Kindness. It is sad that owners will dump their horses into the slaughter pipeline with no thought for their future, but with your help, we can save them from that horrible fate.

Please help us save precious horses at the Oklahoma slaughter auction.

PLEASE DONATE, help us help this precious horse and others!

Many thanks to everyone who donates and helps! 9115 @ 7:42

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