Thursday we had a visitor come to the shelter, she had adopted from us several years ago, and has supported us since that time.  She really enjoyed visiting the shelter and getting a tour.

She made a financial donation along with several bags of feed, supplements and cookies.  Thank you so much!

Kirsty was busy working with the yearlings getting them used to humans.

They are settling down nicely and getting used to being touched.  Come to find out, humans aren’t all scary!

Of course, the leading lessons needed to be done too.

Kirsty also worked with Lady Bug, getting her used to the big blue tarp and other desensitizing things.  Kirsty does such an amazing job with all the horses.

Russ meanwhile was busy working on fences.  Angel just had to come over and ask him what he was doing.  She could hear that he was doing something, but as she is blind, she couldn’t see it.

Angel is getting so big!  She is such a beautiful horse too.  Angel has a Facebook page, if you aren’t her friend, you need to be: click here.

Russ got enough of the fencing done where he could let some of the sheep out with no fear they would get loose.  They were more than excited to get out of their pen and explore the even bigger pen.

Some of the sheep were leaping for joy over the fact their pen is bigger now.

We put up additional fencing along the white fencing so the little critters will stay in the pen.

Kirsty went down to get Layla out of the pasture.  She is such a big beautiful girl, we have all fallen in love with her.

We rescued Layla in February from an auction.  She was a scrawny, wormy looking horse.  She was untrained and unhandled.  You can read her auction rescue blog by clicking here.

Layla was getting ready to go to her new home.  She is being adopted over the holiday weekend so Kirsty is taking her to her house so the adopter can pick her up there.  Kirsty has done such an amazing job of training Layla to ride and is so excited that Layla is finding such a great home.

Russ really got attached to Layla and told her a very sweet goodbye.  Russ has done an amazing job of providing such great care for the animals at the shelter.

Layla arrived safely at Kirsty’s place and settled in to wait for her big day.

Thank you all so much for your support!

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Wednesday morning Tawnee and Russ were heading out to assist Animal Control on a case involving a wild horse.

It was a bit of a drive but very uneventful, which is always a good thing.

Finally they arrived and met with Animal Control.

A horse had been abandoned on some people’s property, so they called Animal Control, who in turned asked us to assist as they are not set up to deal with wild horses.  The property owners did have a very nice loading chute and the horse loaded right up.  The horse has been blurred out as it is an active Animal Control case until further notice.

Animal Control also had a sheep they wanted to transfer to our organization.  The sheep was abandoned with a broken leg and a nasty wound on the side of its head.  They had their vet treat the sheep and cast its leg, it’s just a matter of time until she is healed up.  Her name is Wilma.

At the shelter a trailer had pulled up with 2 horses that had to be surrendered.

The surrender paperwork was done first.

Meet the horses!  The Paint mare is named Bree, she is about 17 years old and 14.2 hands tall.  We are told she was a show horse and doesn’t like shots.   She hasn’t been ridden in years so we will have Kirsty refresh her.

Risky is a 9 year old 16 hand tall mare.  She will bite and kick any horse when she is being ridden, but on a ride by herself she is fine.  She does pull back and has broken multiple halters.

By this time Tawnee and Russ were almost back to the shelter.  There is a lot of road construction going on near the shelter, which is good, but there can be delays too.

At the shelter Russ unloaded Wilma.

She was very happy to see some other sheep at the shelter.  The hair sheep were shocked.  What a wooly sheep!

They soon began making friends.  They were so cute as they each introduced themselves to her.

The wild horse from Animal Control unloaded safely into a waiting pen.

Thank you all for your support, we really appreciate it and so do the animals at the shelter.

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