On Thursday we bid on 3 mules and saved them all for only $8!  We were alerted that 3 mules were being auctioned off by the government, and bid price was only $1 on two of them, and $6 on the other one. These mules were used by the National Park Service until they became too lame and were no longer useful. We wanted to help these three precious mules who have served our government for so many years.   It will take over 600 miles of driving to get them to our shelter. Paying for their safety was the cheap part, bringing them to our shelter, giving them the vet care they need to treat their lameness, caring for them and finding them forever homes is the expensive part.

We are asking that you donate only $8 (or more if you can) to help with the transport and care of these three precious mules. They have served our government with dignity for years, and now that they are auctioned off with no concern for their well being, they are counting on you to help.

To donate using your Credit Card: http://bit.ly/1qpWnCP
To donate using your Paypal: http://bit.ly/1obncrM

We are opening up a program we are trying to develop.  We are rescuing so many horses that we need help finding them homes.  We are reaching out to 501(c)(3) rescues and animal welfare organizations, offering them quality adoptable animals that will be easy for them to place, allowing us to rescue more horses from auctions and the slaughter pipeline.  We do the hard part of rescuing, evaluating, microchiping, worming, vaccinating, and then they can be transferred to qualified rescues with no fees.  If you are a rescue and would like to apply to be part of this program, please click here.

Freedom Horse Rescue came to the shelter to look at the horses and figure out if there were any they wanted to transfer to their rescue.

They really fell in love with Troy, the biggest horse on the place, and Frosty, one of the smallest horses at the shelter.

They also really liked Hattie.  Hattie came to us back in May, only halter trained, and now Kirsty has her nicely started under saddle.  She will be highly adoptable for them!

They also took Zuri from our last auction rescue group.  She loaded up in the trailer like such a good girl.

Before they loaded Troy and Frosty we had to get a photo of them, it’s just too cute!

Troy loaded up behind Zuri.  He had an extra wide spot and he fit perfectly.

Hattie was the last big horse to load up in the trailer.  She is a really good girl, and so pretty too.

Finally Frosty got to load up and he had his own special compartment away from the big horses, safe and sound.

They couldn’t resist the bunnies at the shelter, and decided to transfer them as well.

We want to send a huge “Thank you!” to Freedom Horse Rescue for taking some of our rescues into their program, helping them on their journey in finding their forever homes.

On Friday our vet came out.  He was really sad at the condition of the minis.  After examining them, he said the only reason they are in this condition is due to a lack of adequate nutrition.  There is no medical reason they are in this shape other than they weren’t fed enough.

Munchie tried to be a good boy for his examination, but wasn’t quite sure about it all, and decided he liked the hoof trimming better than the exam.

The vet also looked at Wyatt.  Wyatt, the horse with the locked leg, finally became unlocked with the first treatment plan, but then he started having problems with his other leg.

The vet decided a round of injections and more exercise should hopefully help him out.

The greatest news that Wyatt got is hearing that he gets to be out in the pasture now.  He walked off into the sunset, excited to try this new plan, hoping against hope it will cure him permanently so he can be a normal horse.  He is not available for adoption until we figure out what is wrong with him and we get it fixed.

Thank you all for your support!  Have a great weekend.

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Tuesday morning Kirsty was busy getting the microchips, vaccinations and dewormers ready to do the new auction horses.

Kirsty and Tawnee got busy with the initial intake information, heights, ages, and photos, along with all their medication and microchips.

This is Dandy, a 15.2 hand Paint gelding.  We believe he is in his 20′s.  He does have lameness we are going to have our vet check out to make sure it’s not causing him chronic pain

This is Atlas, we believe he is a Warmblood, 16.1 hand gelding in his teens.  He too is suffering from lameness in his legs.  It’s always sad how many lame horses are dumped at auctions.

Vidal is a 13.2 hand sorrel gelding who is 2 years old.

Vidal has a problem going on with his shoulder, as you can see in this picture the bone is protruding abnormally.

This is Smeda, she is an 11 year old 14.2 hand mare.

Smeda is trained to ride, just needs a tune up but she is a sweet horse.

Leeza is 15 hands tall and about 12 years old.  She is trained to ride but seems to have some issues going on with her front that the vet will be checking out.

Sam is a 15.1 hand gelding in his teens.

Sam is trained to ride and will probably be a great kids horse.

Twila is a 2 year old Quarterhorse roan mare.  She is very flashy.

Zuri is a very cute paint filly.  She does have some lameness we believe is caused from an old injury.  We are really hoping our vet can correct it!  If you are interested in any of these horses please contact us: click here.

Jessica was out trimming horses.  Kachina was a pretty good girl for her trim.

While Jessica was finishing up with Kachina, Tawnee got to work on Munchy’s hooves.

Munchy had a hard time standing, so they helped him lay down and did his hooves that way.  Tawnee and Jessica worked as fast as they could on getting his hooves done.  He seemed to sit back, relax, and almost get a smile on his face, he was no doubt thinking “Wow, some people finally decided to help me!”

His hooves were so long, but in not time they got trimmed up and looking like normal hooves.

Finally it was all done and he was able to take his first steps on his newly trimmed hooves.  He is such a cute little guy, but oh so skinny.

Radar got his hooves trimmed too.  Every time we look at him we all feel sick, he is SO skinny.  He was a good boy for his pedicure.

About this time Animal Control was pulling into the shelter with some transfers.  Some of them were big, and some were little.

We would like you to meet Fluffers, she is an Angora cross.  She is so cute and fluffy.

This is Brinco, he is a very cute Dutch cross rabbit.  He really enjoys being with people.

They also transferred two horses to us, we will have them evaluated for quality of life.

As you can see the condition is pretty bad.  It’s so sad to see horses in this shape.

This very cute silky rooster named Annabelle was surrendered to the shelter.  His owner loved him dearly, but…

…Annabelle was supposed to be a girl  and since Annabelle started crowing he could no longer stay in his home.  We get a lot of roosters surrendered to us because people live in communities that do not allow roosters to crow.  Annabelle is a very pretty boy.

Thank you all for your support!

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