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E-Adoption (Edoption) -

   We are an open door facility and we strive to never turn horses away in need.  Sadly, as a necessity, being an open door facility forces us to humanely euthanize the animals that do not find a home.  We work hard every day to find ways to lower our euthanasia rate, and keep horses out of the slaughter pipeline all at the same time.  We know that euthanasia is the kindest possible thing rather than turning unadoptable animals away to be brutally killed at a slaughter house.

   With all of the horses and other animals that come into the shelter we hope for the very best and want them to be adopted into great homes.  It’s always easy to find healthy ridable horses a home, they are usually in adoption pending within no time.  But realistically, how many people want to adopt a 25 year old untrained broodmare?  While we do still find homes for some of them, it is very hard.

  If an animal has come into the shelter without a sponsorship from the surrenderer, and has not found a home, the animal will be available for e-adoption.  E-Adoption is a program where you can adopt an animal that joins the herd of permanent residents at the shelter.  E-Adoption is free, and you don’t have to go through the adoption application process, and you don’t even have to clean their stalls!  At the same time, you are giving an animal the best gift of all: life and someone who loves them.  This gives people who live in an area where they cannot adopt an animal the opportunity to give a home, life and love to an animal.

E-Adoption Costs

   The monthly care cost for your E-Adopted animal is, not counting unexpected medical bills, $150 a month for horses/pony’s, $100 a month for cows, $50 for miniatures, $45 for goats, and small fowl are $10 a month.  The E-Adoption contract states that you are e-adopting this animal and you will provide the monthly care cost and unexpected veterinarian expenses that may occur.  You would of course be welcome to come out and visit your e-adopted animal during regular business hours, and we encourage you to do so.  To view the E-Adoption contract, click here.


E-Adopted Animals
Phoenix   Phoenix was rescued in May of 2009.  He was standing in a small field with nothing but dry weeds to eat, his water trough only filled when neighbours and other people passing by took pity on him.  He was the skinniest horse, alive, any of the multiple vets who treated and cared for Phoenix had ever seen.  Thanks to Chris H. Phoenix has a lifetime E-Adoption and is happily living his life out at the shelter.  He is a gentle, loving horse who loves being with people.  The picture above is the day he was rescued.
Napoleon   Napoleon came back to the shelter in February of 2009 after sending his very qualified adopter to the hospital multiple times.  She spent hundreds of dollars on him in training, but nothing would help the poor guy.  He was originally named "Hershey" but was renamed to Napoleon for his ways of winnings wars.  His E-Adoption dad said "I want to sponsor him because he reminds me of me."  Thanks to Chris H. for giving Napoleon a forever sponsorship at the shelter!
Sierra  Sierra was first rescued from Roseville Livestock Auction (now closed) in 2008.  She was emaciated and her baby had recently been pulled from her.  We were, after some time, able to buy Sierra's baby Christopher, and they were reunited and adopted together.  Sadly, due to the economy, Sierra and Christopher came back to the shelter in 2010.  Christopher found a new home, but Sierra was unable to find an adoptive home.  Thanks to Jenette S. for E-Adopting Sierra and giving her the most precious gifts of all: love and life.

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