Extreme Rescue Makeover

   Welcome to the Extreme Rescue Makeover competition, matching untrained, unhandled rescued horses with trainers in the race for $5,000.  Pictured above is 2014 winners Cheyenne Emerson (1st place) Joey Houtekamer (2nd place) and  Ann Byrns (3rd place.),

   The 2014 Extreme Rescue Makeover second annual competition was a huge success and thanks to this program, horses that would have never had a chance have now gone on to live amazing lives with their new families. 

2015 Extreme Rescue Makeover
Trainers, sign up now!

   Plans for the 2015 Extreme Rescue Makeover is underway, and we are currently accepting applications to compete as a trainer. Trainers will be accepted to compete on an invitational basis drawn from the pool of applications.  The number of horses available for the competition are limited!  For more information about becoming approved to enter the competition, click here. 


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