2015 Extreme Rescue Makeover

  To apply for the 2015 Extreme Rescue Makeover contest, please contact us by email with the subject line "2015 Extreme Rescue Makeover Application" and send to: info@horsehumane.org.  Applications must be received by Jan 15th.

  Please send the following information:

Address (Physical where the horse will be kept, mailing)
Phone Number(s)
Veterinarian Name / Phone
Farrier Name / Phone
2 Personal References Name / Phone
2 Client References Name / Phone (if professional trainer)
2 Youtube Links to video of you working with horses within the last year'
Minimum 4 pictures of where the horse will live and be trained.
Description of your training style, history and yourself
What your goals are for the 2015 Extreme Rescue Makeover

  2014 winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) will not be allowed to compete in this years competition. Contestants from previous years are welcomed to send in their application.  There will be $5,000 prize money split between the winners.

   At this time we do not have any information on the horses that will be available for the 2015 Extreme Rescue Makeover contest, there will be halter trained along with unhandled horses.  All of the horses for the 2015 Extreme Rescue Makeover will be adopted directly from Horse Plus Humane Society.  No other rescue or animal welfare organization will have control of the horses.  Trainers taking unhandled horses will receive an extra 25 points at the day of the Grand Finale.

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