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  Update 8-21-15: We had the wonderful opportunity to rescue another horse from the first auction, for a total of 25 horses! The auction offered him to us since the buyer backed out and didn't want to buy him after all. We really appreciate the auction offering him to us first, as typically auctions just call their local kill¬†buyer and he would have been shipped off to slaughter. This precious horse's bail cost $435, if you could help with his rescue expense it would be greatly appreciated!

 Emergency Urgent Need - Joe Cardenas (of Lincoln Horse Auction) sold horses to a kill buyer Thursday. The kill buyer took some to auction Friday night and more to another auction tonight, and if the bids don't go higher than slaughter price, they will be shipped. We saved 7 last night, and want to save the rest (15) tonight.

   PLEASE HELP SAVE LIVES TONIGHT! These horses are sitting at the auction right now, we have very little time, your donations are desperately needed. The horses in this picture are some of the horses that need rescuing tonight. Current auction slaughter price is up to 35 cents a pound, which can easily be over $400 a horse.

Many thanks to everyone who donates and helps! 9115 @ 7:42

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