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   We are strongly against horse slaughter, and in 2008 we took a stand that humane euthanasia by injection is the answer to the unwanted horse problem, not slaughter.  We don't slaughter the unwanted and homeless dogs and cats, they are given a humane and dignified ending.  Slaughtering horses is cruel and unacceptable.  Since 2008 we have offered free and low-cost end of life services for horses that had chronic health conditions or due to their age their owners believed it was time to say "Goodbye."  Many times owners are not able to afford the high cost that many vets charge for euthanasia and disposal, leaving them with very few options, one of which is taking them to auction where the horses enters the slaughter pipeline. 

   With all the slaughter advocates literally screaming that slaughter is the only option, it is time to step up and do the right thing for chronically ill and in pain, aged and unwanted horses everywhere.  We have decided to take our program to a national level by providing funds directly to the attending vet to assist with the cost of euthanasia, making it low cost (or often free) for the owner of the horse.  For years we have operated as an open door shelter for horses, and we have seen horses come through our doors that have absolutely broken our hearts. If the Last Act of Kindness program was not available, those horses would have continued lingering on towards a slow, extremely painful death, or they would have been shipped off to slaughter.

  At our shelter we follow the UC Davis Unwanted Horse Assessment protocol.  UC Davis is the worlds leader in understanding the unwanted horse situation from a veterinarian standpoint, and their suggestion is Humane Euthanasia by chemical injection for unadoptable, unwanted, and chronically ill horses. No horse deserves slaughter, even if they are unable to find a loving home. Humane Euthanasia is humane, slaughter is not.  To see a non-graphic, peaceful video of a horse being humanely euthanized that we produced, click here.

   One of the horses that inspired us to take our program national  was Cordelia, an older Arab who's owner had been deported, leaving her to sit in agony with her severely rotated hooves due to founder.  She was in such pain and agony it was hard to comprehend how she was still alive.  Every step was absolute torture.  He coffin bones in her front hooves were protruding out of her hoofs.  It was, by far, the worst case of founder we have ever seen.  A concerned individual found her and tried to help her.  They realized it was too late for Cordelia.  Searching for help, they found out about our Last Act of Kindness program, and brought her to our shelter.  Her last moments were of being surrounded by love.  We gave her a bag of grain that she was able to eat with contentment, and all the water she wanted.  She was extremely dehydrated from being in too much pain to walk to her water trough to drink.  If we did not have this program, Cordelia would have never received the tender, loving care at the end of her life that she deserved. 

   There are horses across the United States just like Cordelia who need to be given a peaceful ending.  They cannot be left to suffer and live in continual pain because their owner cannot afford to have them euthanized.  Please join us in the fight against horse slaughter and stand up for humane treatment, even in the last moments of the horse's life.

   To donate using Paypal, please click here or click the button below.  To donate directly using your credit card or for other ways to donate, click here.  During the national pilot of this program, our goal is to raise $2,500 to provide the Last Act of Kindness to 16 horses each month. Take the stand against slaughter, please join us today.

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Apply for Help:  If you need, or know of someone that has a horse that needs, assistance through the Last Act of Kindness, please inquire about our program.  We financially assist with the costs of humane euthanasia through a licensed vet.  The funds are provided directly to the veterinarian.  For more information and to apply, please contact us. Click here.

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