Last Updated by Horse+ on April 24, 2013 • Full Surrender Policies

Adoption Policies -

  • Adopters must become approved to adopt by filling out our adoption application form.  Adoption approval typically takes about a week. You may find the form here. 
  • Horse Plus Human Society does not endorse nor encourage the breeding of equines and other companion animals.  Sadly, there are far more horses, even young horses, than there are homes waiting for them.  All stallions must be gelded before leaving the shelter, and all other animals must be spayed/neutered dependent upon their species.. 
  • Adopters must be financially able to care for their adopted animal(s,) including being able to provide reasonable emergency medical care due to accidents and/or unforeseen health conditions.
  • Adopters animal facility must be in good repair, good fencing, clean pen, easy access to food and water. The adopted animals must have free access to shelter.
  • Adopters must be over the age of 18 years old.

Surrender Policies - 

  • We are an open door facility, any horse is welcome to be surrendered.  The surrender fee is $150, which helps provide for their initial care.  You are welcome to surrender your horse at the shelter during normal business hours, or you may contact us to make other arrangements.  On the 2nd Sunday of each month is the National Last Act of Kindness surrender day where anyone can surrender a horse without cost at our shelter.
  • We will be glad to arrange transportation of your horse. The nominal transporting fee to help cover the fuel expenses is $1.00 a mile, round trip from our shelter.  If your horse is not easily loaded (ie, in a large open pasture, not trained to load, etc) there is a $25 per hour loading fee beyond the first hour.  Please contact us to arrange transportation.
  • To view our full Surrender Policies, click here.

Shelter Policies -

  • Horse Plus Humane Society is a very active shelter, providing temporary housing to hundreds of horses and other animals each year, each with diverse medical needs, physical conditions, training levels, and temperaments. 
  • The shelter is strictly No Smoking and No Alcohol on the property.
  • Our first priority is safety to staff and visitors.  As such, there is a strict 'helmet on' rule for those under 18.  If kids are on a horse, they are wearing a helmet, no exceptions.  Visitors to the shelter must remain outside of horse pens unless invited and accompanied by a staff or Horse Plus Humane Society volunteer.  No running, yelling or shouting on the shelter grounds.  Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or otherwise authorized caretaker.
  • Please be considerate of our staffing restraints and limit your visit to no longer than 1 hour unless invited by Horse Plus Humane Society staff or volunteers.



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