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New Starting Time: 9:00 am due to the heat.

Maggie Metzker - Equine Behavior Specialist

    Undesirable horse behaviors are largely PREVENTABLE. Horse owners already invest time and money to keep their horses safe and healthy with preventive care. What if we could do the same with our horses’ behavior, without selling the horse, or sending it to a trainer? Here’s great news — Maggie Metzker is a local Equine Behavior Specialist with volumes of knowledge from the world of Equine Behavior Science. Her most recent studies were in Ireland with the International Society for Equitation Science, and in Tuscon with Linda Kohanov, author of The Tao of Equus.  Maggie explains, “I coach horsepeople to expand what they already know, to sharpen their ability to read their horses' subtle behavior.  This expanded perspective opens the door to everything people seek in horses.  The result is a horse that’s a connected, responsive collaborator in any equestrian activity.”

   Maggie works with the sensibilities of BOTH the horse and the human, as a translator between the two species.  The goal is to give people the power to truly see their horses’ behavior as communication.  “Once you really see it, you can never un-see it.  Once you know it, you’ll be empowered to keep the communication with your horse flowing.  Most folks don’t seek help until the horse has already shown extreme behaviors like bucking, rearing, refusing, bolting, cribbing, aggression, biting, or kicking.  While these behaviors can be minimized through re-training, earlier intervention can help avoid them altogether.  These extreme horse behaviors are the human equivalent of having a conversation by screaming.  That screaming isn’t necessary if someone’s listening and we’re understood.”
  “With the economy in a slump, some folks are no longer able to sell a horse that’s not working out for them, and they can be better off renewing their goals with that particular horse.  I enjoy helping people to see the horse of their dreams is already with them, waiting to be brought to light.”

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The cost to sign up for the Horse Behavior Revealed workshop is $10 for shelter workers and volunteers, and $25 for the general public.  This workshop is limited to 50 people, so sign up today!

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