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Dear Santa,

   We know you love Reindeer, but do you love us horses too?  If so, these items would make us at the shelter very very happy, and we have been so good this year, we didn't do anything bad to end up at a shelter, it's just where we have found ourselves. We would love 1 or 100 of each, we just want goodies and the best Christmas ever!  We are at the shelter so you can know our year hasn't been the best.  At least we are at the shelter where we get food and love, but we miss our old families so much!  Just to make it easier for you, each of these items can be bought at Horse.com if you don't want to make your elves slave away this holiday season.  Our adress, just in case you didn't know, is: Horse Plus Humane Society, P O Box 6108, 86 Four Junes Way, Oroville CA 95966

   We can't wait for Christmas morning!  -The Horses

Uncle Jimmys Hanging Ball
$19.97 - Click

Manna Pro Wafers
$18.95 - Click

Nylon or Rope Halter
from $3.99 - Click

Lead Rope
from $4.99 - Click

Blanket / Turnout Sheet
from $24.99 - Click

Vapco Fat Cat
$23.99 - Click

$14.99 - Click

Stress Dex Gel
$6.19 - Click

Source Senior Focus
 $27.95 - Click

Sand Clear
$17.95 - Click

Merial Ulcerguard
$33.95 - Click

Grooming Supplies
Various - Click


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